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Are you a resident of Palm Beach and searching for some trusty and reliable source to resurface your tub in your area? Or you might have one in your bath but want to polish and re-glaze to make it look new once again? If so then we, Palm Beach Bath Tub Re-glazing & Tub resurfacing services are the one you are looking for. With the 10+ years of experience in this field our team of experts has won the hearts of almost everyone living in Palm Beach zone. If you are worried that whether we are speaking the truth or not? Then of course we are! We deliver our services by offering FREE Fast Easy Price Quote, and 10 YR Warranty & 100% Guarantee while planning everything that you can easily afford.

We utilize the most strong, scratch resistant resurfacing material in the world, and our specialists make sure that you get first rate craftsmanship. We never boast about how rapidly we can complete a task, therefore nothing can replace the type of quality our firm delivers. The satisfaction of clients is our top most priority since we really respect your creativity and way of thinking.




Our Resurfacing specialists gaining practical experience in the restoring of baths, tile and sinks utilizing a manufactured porcelain called Euroglaze. We can coordinate any shading from the significant producers, for example, American Standard, Kohler, or Eljer.

Bathroom Bathtub Reglazing

Bath resurfacing otherwise called bath re-coating, or bath re-glazing, so do not mix it with the term bath tub repair. Bath resurfacing is a financially savvy bathroom makeover choice as compared to the option of changing the whole tub. It saves your money and give you the results close to the item you newly bought. We have top notch Re-coating materials like chips, breaks, gaps, rust or whatever else amiss with your bath. Our workmen work with dedication to reestablish the surface that closely resemble new. We offer various categories in this regard like Commercial Bathroom Reglazing, Acid Free Reglazing, Porcelain Tub Reglazing, Aliphatic Urethane Coating System and Claw foot Bathtub Reglazing etc.


Bathtub Refinishing

Palm Beach Bath Tub Re-glazing services reliably buffs and cleans your restored bath. This is the additional progression that develops the shine and guarantees the complete work. It’s the reason a great many people can’t differentiate between the Reglazing restored bath and another one that is done by us. Not all bath restoring organizations are the same. So in order to satisfy yourself to the fullest, you can ask the correct inquiries while choosing. We offer Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing, Acrylic Bathtub Refinishing, Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing and much more.

Bathtub refinishing, once done by us, can extend the lifetime of your tub for ten – fifteen years or additional after you use identical basic care and maintenance tips as suggested by new tub makers. Kohler, yank commonplace, Lasco et al. don’t suggest harsh or abrasive cleaners; neither do we! If you want a bath room makeover it certainly will cost you thousands. Because we will prevent up to eightieth over replacement prices.

Tile Resurfacing

Sometimes, tiling in your room worn out or get scratched due to various reasons like going in and out of the washroom, spilling of liquids or food on the floor etc. But now you do not have to worry since contractors are also expert in resurfacing. They fully know the techniques how to lay the tiles smoothly without creating any mismatch with your washroom’s interior. So give us a call and we’ll be right there for you.

Tile Reglazing

However, if you do not want to change the surface or replace the old one with new then we offer an option of Tile Reglazing. In which, our specialists polish and recoat the tiles making them good as new. Even you will not be able to tell whether placed a total new surface or recoated the old one.

Countertop Resurfacing

Does your countertop is giving an old fashioned look? Then don’t worry we can replace it with a new surface. The one that not only adds an edge to your bathroom but also matches your interior very well. Our team can efficiently do it for you so give us a call and allow your dream to come true.

Vanity Tops and Sink Recoating

Our company also offer services regarding vanity tops and sinks recoating. Due to the excessive usage and spill of water these thing lose their glaze with time and you to replace them with the new one. But you do not need that since now you can recoat them instead and our team of contractors have also mastered that field.

Chip and Crack Repair

Sometimes too much running of water can cause cracks and chips on the flooring in the bathroom. Don’t worry this very common problem and can be resolved easily. How? You can call us and we send a team of experts to do the job.

Refinish Bathroom Cabinetry

Do you have cabinet in your bathroom? Or maybe you have one but it does not matches your interior? Well, in any case you do not have to worry since our company also offer services in this regard, which is called Bathroom Cabinetry refinish. So whether you want to replace the old one or need to repair the old one just give us a call and our team of experts will be right there for you.



Rust/Scratches Repaired on Appliances

The difference in atmosphere and climate sure effect both interior and exterior of your house. Either it is a paint or some sort of scratch or rust blots appearing on your appliances. The main thing is that it is swallowing the efficiency and beauty of whatever you have kept in your house. There we also deliver services for removing the rust and scratches on appliances as well so it will not affect your interior by giving it a dirty look.


Ceramic Tile Refinishing

We also offer services in refinishing of ceramic tiles, in case if you have them laid in your house. Our team of experts are specialist in this regard and work till it looks new once again. They respect the beauty you have created by using your imagination and follow each and every detail that you provide. So what are you waiting for? Just give us call, submit your details, get your price quote and then sit back and relax while watching how your bath transforms into something extraordinary.



Look how we make this happen

Stage 1

We start by expelling the caulk from between the bath and tile, and between the bath and floor. At that point, we clean the tub with a compound cleanser film remover.

Stage 2-

An engraving is then connected to the tub to help set up the surface for the Euroglaze. This is a standout amongst the most essential strides in the arrangement procedure. Not one of the resurfacing materials we are aware of will hold fast to the surface for any time allotment without this progression. Next, the tub is dried out utilizing lacquer more slender to wipe down the surface.

Stage 3-

Every single significant chip, scratches, and gouges are filled and sanded smooth to recapture the shape and uprightness of your unique tub. The smoother the tub is before we resurface it, the smoother it will be the point at which it is done. Every single rust spot will be sanded away and regarded amid this progression too to keep those spots from regularly returning.

Stage 4-

Two layers of our exceptionally defined “lead shield” preliminary are connected to the surface. All residue is wiped off of the surface between each coat. At that point three layers of the Euroglaze topcoat are connected to the surface.

Stage 5-

The caulk is re-connected between the tub, tile, and floor. Our quick drying material enables us to caulk only 15 minutes in the wake of restoring.



The outcome is an excellent, gleaming, solid complete which will light up any restroom.



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So if you are worried about how we will do this job then do not worry because all work is performed in your home via prepared specialists who’ll leave the work region spotless and flawless. With typical utilize and care, the new surface will keep going for a long time. We can even change dull hues to light ones. The decision is yours totally.

Our technique adds a long time to the life of your apparatuses. Instead of supplanting them since they’re exhausted or obsolete, you can make them to look new once more. In less than a day you can have the washroom you had always wanted, without having a bad dream and price you need to pay for its renovating.

Palm Beach Bath Tub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Contractors remains to be on the leading end when it comes to bath tub Reglazing and tub resurfacing. The company has a proven track record of providing high quality services in this field. The process is more convenient, less expensive, and generates long lasting results. Call us today to get a chance to benefit from all the said pros of  bath tub Reglazing and tub resurfacing.